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Foamcore Signs

Sacramento Foam Core & Gator Board Sign Printer

Foam Core Presentation Signs from Sacramento Printing are most often used indoors to provide information in large format within a business environment.

Gator Board Signs Our 3/16" Black and White Gator Board signs are printed with UV cured inks. They are a stronger and more durable than foam core and just as lightweight.

Retail locations often use Foam Core Presentation Boards to call attention to specific products or special promotions. Presentation Boards can be used as signage. Although called "Point-of-Purchase" Displays, these large format rigid graphics can be used for many other applications, including display graphics in seminars and presentations, courtroom exhibits, and anyplace else where rigid graphics are desired. They are strong and light, and available with grommets in either 2 or 4 corners for easy hanging.