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Sidewalk Signs

Quick Signicade A Frame Printer

Each Signicade Frame order includes: 2 signs and frame. 

Plastic Signicade® Deluxe Sidewalk Sign 24W x 36H
Our Signicade® Deluxe is equipped with a patented Quick-Change™ feature which allows signs to easily slide in and out and also with Stay Tabs™ which ensure signs stay securely in place.This stand includes two 24"W x 36"H 4mm Coroplast signs. The Signicade® Deluxe Sidewalk Signs are made out of durable plastic so they are perfect for displaying your signage outdoors. You can also fill the stand with sand to add even more stability. Commonly used for parking, real estate, election and yard signs.

Deluxe Signcade

 Signicade Quik Sign®                   Signicade MDX Sign®
 Side Walk 24W x 18H                    Side Walk 18W x 24H
 (2) 24"W x 18"H signs                  (2) 18"W x 24"H signs